Basic Concept

I pours my passion to create art pieces exploring a combination of art therapy and sense of humor.

My artistic interest is around the zen concept of nothingness.


I would like to investigation of the boundary between ceremonial initiation and put into practice in our lives.

In Arteles Creative Center    Hämeenkyrö, Finland   May 2017 


Observing my own breath through daily meditation.This simple exercise in the environment without any distractions and time pressure enhanced my sense of tranquility and mindful awareness. This renewed state of mind brought me the consciousness beyond my own being, and made me realized that the notion of boundary separating myself and the outer world is ephemeral. 


Universal awareness beyond the boundaries manifested in rituals

While researching the motives of rituals, I became interested in the holistic world view of Finnish mythologies represented in the concept such as ‘Haltija’ (Invisible nature). I also found remarkable similarities between Finish Sauna and Japanese 茶の湯 (Way of tea), which inspired my performance at Arteles. I believe the underlying spirits manifested in those rituals have a universal affinity which goes beyond the cultural boundaries, and are adopted by the wider living being.


Artistic collaboration 

Tenoriyu with Accordion Breath.

Ben Richter played accordion as a breathing instrument. His ‘Accordion Breath’ and my performance Tenoriyu (choreographed rituals based on the traditional Japanese practices of 茶の湯 (Way of Tea) and 湯治(Cleansing)) found a common ground in breathing through accordion music and the improvised ritualistic move.



Through my collaboration with Louise Bennett and her installation ”Earth Breathing”, we celebrated the senses and feelings beyond various boundaries. Finnish concept of Sampo (a magical artifact) and Japanese concept of Walking Zen (which can also called Sampo in Japanese) found an unexpected connection in Louise’s majestic soundscaping. 







"Tenoriyu" is influences from zen concept.

It aim participatory ceremonious art performance and stimulating one’s senses. 

Guest communicate with the host "Earth" through unpredictable procedure.

Earth hat is formal wear.  it called "tomsuma" hat.

The word “tomsuma” means a shining stone in Ainu language (NOTE: Ainu indicates aboriginal people in north Japan, Hokkaido) The Earth itself is also the shining stone illuminated by the Sun.





















Tenori-yu. BEPPU

Act in “KASHIMA 2011” Artist in residence by BEPPU PROJECT.

In this period, I invented “Tenoriyu”. It is humor extracted from the spirit of sado is based on Zen philosophy.

In this film, you can see overhead view of Otemae in the ceremony.

*The act of making a tea and silence air is called “OTemae.”


朝日町, 富山

 Tenoriyu. thé BaTaBaTa de temps en temps.

Bonjour OJODO! 21e siècle.

Chien que hará oui char !



こんにちは、お浄土 21世紀!




地球 中は、地殻、核、マントルになってございます。


ART SETOUCHI よるしるべ2014

時名山 一心寺

Projects summary




Sideway jump to dodge the spinning slipper.

When the endorphin is released, we call the moment Slippulse-high.

 It is an artistic health device for two persons which help to construct a good communication.


Product born in 2007,  Movie 2009, World Cup Project plannning right now.

H2000xW1400    Iron, aluminum, felt.  made from broken bicycle.  







Project summary on TV

International Exhibition  "MEET MY PROJECT"

 2010 MILAN  &  2010 PARIS

Tenorigochisan Ceremony

てのりごちさん。錫100% お点前



Tenori-yu. Jichinsai

Act location in installation of Japanese artist YONEDA MASANORI.

The art work and performing about Jichinsai (groundbreaking ceremony).


 film duration is 7 min 34sec. (performance duration was 60min.)



"Senagashi no Gi” or Ceremony the wash your back is the final chapter of “Tenori-yu".


 film duration is about 10 minutes (Act ; 30 minutes)


2010 黎明期

寿庵   東京谷中


Artist in School by himming Sep.2016


NADAURADA 2016 [ナダウラーダ2016]

トムスマ × 氷見市立灘浦中学校の皆さん × ヒミングな仲間達

>> アーティスト・イン・スクール 氷見

NADAURADA2016 を存分に楽しむための自主トレのお供に見るムービー

前面、側面、背面の3アングル あります。


東風拳 (Kochi-Ken)


 菅原道真 「東風吹かば 匂ひをこせよ 梅の花 主なしとて 春な忘れそ」より





富山水辺のえがおたいそー 第1・第2

見立てーざぶとん級ー(MITATE ~The Button Style~)


L.O.G (Legend Of Goal)〜伝説のゴールを気取れ!〜